Sumo Grub
"Live Free or Die Frying"


Food Made Fun For Everyone

Hours of operation
Monday - Wednesday  11am - 10pm
Thursday - Friday 11am - Midnight
Saturday 12pm - Midnight

 Sumo Grub was established in 2010 by a restauranteur by the name of Jason Sum, Jr. it was his goal to create exciting food from people's imagination and what they saw on TV. Sumo Grub's main concept is tempura frying good old American food, such as "Tempura Mac & Cheese" and "Tempura Oreos." Sumo Grub uses traditional style of Tempura, which is a light batter and homemade Panko (bread crumbs). We use only soybean oil and natures finest ingredients in our batter.  Other aspects of Sumo Grub includes " You bring it and I tempura it" for free. Being located in berkeley, Sumo Grub understands that being "berkeley"  must also accommodate to all peoples diets. . .So we also offer gluten free and Vegan options.    


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